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The SINCERELY Gem Handle Flogger is sweet enough to caress with and sinister enough to deliver punishing lashes. Give them a hard smack on the butt, or dangle these lush red falls over their most sensitive parts to tickle and tease. This flogger was beautifully designed with practical use in mind. Wrap the loop around your wrist for more security while you swing, or use it for hanging storage.

Product features:
*40% vinyl, 26% ABS plastic, 10% nickel free metal, 8% zinc alloy, 8% cubic zirconia, 6% copper, 2% polyester
*4-inch long cubic zirconia encrusted handle
*8.25-inch falls
*Total length 12.25 inches

Whether you're new to adult toys or a veteran, the SPORTSHEETS team's mission remains the same: empowering people to fully explore their sexuality while keeping partners connected - literally and figuratively.

Discover a new side to your love life and prepare to delight with the SINCERELY Gem Handle Flogger today!

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